What People Say …

“Many have tried but none have come as close to capturing what it means to truly celebrate multiculturalism as Chris McKhool. The Toronto singer-songwriter epitomizes what many Canadians have come to love about this country.”
– Deanne Fisher, City Parent

“I was impressed by his musical virtuosity and personal appeal…His songs succeed!”
– Ernie Coombs, (Mr. Dressup)

“Chris McKhool and the boys were fantastic! They can play my Bar Mitzvah.”
– Bob Ezrin, producer (Pink Floyd, Kiss)

“A children¹s superstar!”
– Brent Bambury, CBC Television Live

“Award-winning singer-songwriter Chris McKhool takes his turn as the brightest star.”
– Toronto Life Magazine

“Chris McKhool isn¹t sure if he¹s ready to be mentioned in the same breath as Raffi and Fred Penner. But with a new CD and a growing list of fans, the ‘eco-troubadour’ may soon no longer have any choice.”
– Sean Lynch, The Ottawa Citizen

“What a week! What a celebration! The reviews have been superb! Delilah was ecstatic about the great response to your shows.”
– Jennifer O¹Connor, Executive Director, London International Children¹s Festival

“What a wonderful show – for adults and children alike. I was amazed.”
– Richard Carson, Hugh¹s Room

“The City of Toronto is pleased to present this 2005 Environmental Award of Excellence in the Environmental Awareness category to Chris McKhool. Thank you for playing a valuable role in the greening of Toronto.”
– Mayor David Miller and Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone (Roundtable on the Environment)

“Singer Chris McKhool is known as the Eco-Troubadour because he has the heart of an environmentalist and the songs to prove it…”
– Nancy Maes, Chicago Tribune

“Kiddie singing sensation Chris McKhool delivers a fun show full of singing, dancing and audience participation.”
– Anne Sutherland, The Montreal Gazette

“We are proud to be associated with Chris McKhool, Canada’s first carbon neutral environmental entertainer, a national environmental hero!”
– Michael Rosen, Tree Canada

“McKhool is Canada’s greatest eco-troubadour for young people and his concerts are engaging and educational.”
– Mississauga Living Arts Centre

“The Canadian Healthy Environment Award is presented to Chris McKhool in recognition of your outstanding achievement in support of a healthy environment.”
– Sergio Marchi, Minister of the Environment

“Your combination of quality music, strong lyrics that speak to kids, and respect for your young audience was a real hit with children, parents and teachers.”
– Norma Graham, Vancouver International Children¹s Festival

“…a very successful tour, with a great response from the children and teachers they performed for … a big hit with the students.”
– Marianne Woods, Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

“McKhool¹s interactive concerts empower and motivate children, caregivers and educators to be active protectors of their environment, and inspire them to be environmental ambassadors within their community.”
– Green Living Magazine

“Outstanding entertainer and educator!”
-Robert Doucette, Principal

“You are tremendous! It was a great performance. It was awesome and I love the multiculturalism!²
– Andrew Locker, Ontario Music Educators Association Conference Co-Chair

“The Canadian Healthy Environment Award is presented to Chris McKhool in recognition of your outstanding achievement in support of a healthy environment.²
– Segio Marchi, Minister of the Environment

“The children and most of their parents too, were dancing, clapping, and singing along with the energetic, international performer. His show focused on the goodness of our environment and how we are all responsible to take care of it. Chris’s performance was fully interactive, inviting willing participants up onto the stage to accompany him in his exhilarating fiddling segment!”
– Anne Moralejo, The Star Weekly Journal

“Outstanding in every way!²
– Children¹s Music Network

“Chris McKhool’s “FiddleFire!” is absolutely fabulous! It is both entertaining and educational. The musicians are very accomplished and possess a natural flair for teaching the elements of music. Well linked to the curriculum!”
-Cecily Schwartz,Teacher

“A real environmental activist, He’s a great… fun, positive guy. He’s got a positive message for the kids!”
– CBC Radio 2

“Absolutely magnificent! What a fantastic program to celebrate diversity in our school! It was fun and full of learning at the same time. After 31 years of teaching, this is the best program I¹ve seen to authentically meet the needs of our Canadian population.”
– Elaine Bandermann, Burrows Hall Jr. P.S.

“The best musical performance we’ve ever had at our school. We all learned a lot!”
– Sherley Valo – Teacher

“Excellent work… His talent, unique and timely message all spelled success for a provincial tour. The tour was a terrific success!”
– Beth Richardson, New Brunswick Arts Council

“Tunes like No More Trash! and When You’re a Tree make the morals fun to chew on and easy to digest.”
– Joanne Latimer, The Mirror, Montreal

“Terrific! Kids will love this – it has a fresh beat and charming lyrics!”
-Great American Song Contest

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